John Henry Bradley Storrs (1885-1956)
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In the late 1920s John Storrs was commissioned by leading Modern architects to integrate monumental sculptural work in a variety of projects, including:
Ceres for the Chicago Board of Trade Building
Chicago, 1928
Architects: John A. Holabird and JohnWellborn Root, Jr.
Christ for the Church of Christ the King
Cork, Ireland, 1930
Architect: Barry Byrne
Sculpture for the United States Naval Monument
Brest, France, 1937
Architect: Ralph Milman
A Century of Progress: The 1933 Chicago World's Fair
Hall of Science
Chicago, 1933
Architect: Paul Philippe Cret

The estate of John Storrs is represented by Valerie Carberry Gallery in Chicago.
For more information, please contact the gallery:
Valerie Carberry Gallery
875 N. Michigan Ave. Suite 2510
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